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How do I coordinate a Burial?

Coordination of a burial (interment) of a casket or cremation of a family member or friend is never easy.  Adams Cemetery team are here to answer any questions and help you navigate through one of the most challenging times.  

Contact a Funeral Home or Crematorium

If someone you know has recently passed, the first step in coordination for burial is to contact a local funeral or crematorium.  They will help with the immediate service of caring for the deceased.


Contact Adams Cemetery

Once you have determined who will assist with funeral services, reach out to Adams Cemetery.  We are able to walk you through the process of purchasing either a lot for a casket burial or cremation/urn burial.


Determine Date and Time of Burial (interment)

The date and time of a burial (interment) service often requires coordination between multiple people.  The time and date has to be verified that the same time will work for both the Funeral Home and Cemetery.  The timing also has to work with the schedules of the family, friends, and possibly a pastor of the VFW if this will be part of the burial service.

Some burials are complete with a full-service setup with canopy and chairs, and other families choose to have a separate service with an immediate burial at the cemetery with no family/friends present at the cemetery.  

There is no right or wrong way to coordinate a burial, with the priority being meeting the needs of the family while honoring the wishes of the deceased.


Complete the burial (interment) form and payment

Adams Cemetery requires an Interment Authorization Form to be completed as part of the coordination of a burial placement.  The Adams Cemetery team is happy to complete this form over the telephone or families can complete as much as they are able to on their own and email back to  

An invoice will be prepared outlining the charges for services.   Prices can be viewed here.

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