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The City of Molalla supplies Adams Cemetery with recycled water.


When watering, it is done in later afternoon and evening hours.  The watering is done throughout the night and into the morning hours.  Please be aware that hours may vary from day-to-day and week-to-week. 


They gate may be closed when the cemetery is being watered.  Access to the cemetery on foot is not enforced, but please remember, recycled water is being used.

The Cemetery Board may determine not to irrigate the cemetery, based on water shortage, drought, or other factors.


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Headstones are made out of a variety of different materials. The one way to ensure no damage is done to a headstone when cleaning is to use Dawn dish soap, water and a clean cloth. 


Do not use abrasive material or tools.  


Adams Cemetery can get a quote form a company that specializes in headstone work.


Adams Cemetery is not responsible for damage to headstones during routine maintenance or cleaning. 

Headstone Cleaning

April 1st thru October 31st                      
Not Permitted during Mowing Season: 

Artificial flowers, artificial wreaths, etc., are not permitted during the normal period of lawn mowing season and grounds maintenance.  All artificial floral arrangements present during mowing season will be removed and discarded by cemetery personnel. 


November 1st thru March 31st        
Permitted during Non-Mowing Season: 

Artificial floral arrangements are permitted, provided they do not become unsightly and are placed in approved metal vases on the headstone. The cemetery association assumes no responsibility for the care, preservation, or safekeeping of such artificial floral arrangements. 

Personal Items

Adams Cemetery Association

Adams Cemetery Road
P.O. Box 209
Molalla, Oregon 97038

Adams Cemetery Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that owns Adams Cemetery located near the city of Molalla, Oregon. The Association operates and maintains Adams Cemetery with monies generated from burial and cremation lot/grave sales and contributions.

Your financial contributions and volunteer time help to maintain the cemetery is very much appreciated. 



Adams Cemetery Association is committed to preserving its heritage as

a pioneer cemetery established in 1865. We strive to manage and maintain

an attractive, safe and serene cemetery environment, and provide

burial locations for the community, families and friends.


Adams cemetery is a sacred place that embraces tradition,

peace and tranquility.  Now, and for future generations, to honor

loved ones and family members in their last resting place.




Adams Cemetery Fund

The cemetery fund is used for day-to-day costs to upkeep the cemetery. 

If you would like to donate to the Adams Cemetery Fund, please mail the donation to the address below.


Adams Cemetery Association Fund

P.O. Box 209

Molalla, Oregon 97038

Cemetery Rules and Regulations
Revised February 2024 - Subject to change at any time


The Rules and Regulations of Adams Cemetery Association have been designed for public safety and to protect the Cemetery and all owners of Interment Rights.


It is the desire of the Board of Directors to maintain the cemetery as a dedication to the memory of your loved ones that you have entrusted to our care.  Please help maintain the surroundings by abiding by these Rules and Regulations.


  1. DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN CEMETERY – No animals are allowed on the grounds with the exception of a service animal, this includes animals even if they are a ceremonial participant.

  2. The Cemetery management has the authority to enter upon any grave and remove any object(s), which may have been placed there in violation of these Rules and Regulations.

  3. No person shall be permitted to enter or leave the Cemetery except by the public entrance, hours are from dawn to dusk. Any person entering the Cemetery other than during such hours, without prior authorization from the Cemetery management will be considered a trespasser. 

  4. No grave will be opened for any purpose until authorization in writing and all fees are paid by the Right of Interment Owner, next-of-kin or personal representative of the estate of the Rights Owner. 

  5. The possession or consumption of illegal drugs or intoxicating liquors within the Cemetery is strictly forbidden. 

  6. The Cemetery reserves the right to change fees for the cost of graves, second internments, and other cemetery related fees.

  7. The Cemetery may and hereby expressly reserves the right to at any time with or without notice of the Right of Interment Owners adopt, amend, alter and/or repeal any Rule or Regulation.

  8. There may be special circumstances that may arise in which the literal enforcement of a rule may impose unnecessary hardships. The Cemetery, therefore, reserves the right, without notice to make exceptions, suspensions or modifications in any way of the Rules and Regulations or amend, alter and/or repeal any rule, regulation and/or article, section, paragraph and/or sentence in the Cemetery’s Rules and Regulations.

  9. Trees, Shrubbery, and Plants – Only authorized cemetery personnel have charge of trees, shrubbery, and plants in accordance with a general plan for landscaping the cemetery grounds. Additional plantings are not permitted, especially with reference to flowering shrubs and evergreens. No planting of any kind will be permitted on burial lots/graves. If any vegetation by means of their roots, branches, or otherwise, become detrimental to burial lots/graves or avenues, poses a hazard or inconvenience in the use of walkways or roadways, or interferes with the general design of the cemetery, the authorized cemetery staff shall have the right, and it shall be their duty to remove such vegetation when in their professional judgment and at their discretion as is deemed appropriate.  It is a hazard to the groundskeeper to have the grave covered with anything other than grass. Adams Cemetery Association will not allow bark dust, gravel or any other form of landscaping materials to be used on a grave. If any items other than grass are used as ground cover on a lot, it will be removed by the cemetery staff without notice to the burial lot/grave holder. 

  10. Objectionable Items – The placement of enclosures of any kind such as but not limited to fencing, blocks, concrete borders, etc., and items such as chairs, benches, glass containers, toys, and other similar objects are prohibited in the cemetery (No exceptions). The authorized cemetery staff has the right to remove items without notice to the burial lot/grave holder. 

  11. Seasonal Items – Seasonal decorations such as wreaths, ornaments, flags etc., are allowed beginning three days prior to any holiday recognized by the Adams Cemetery Association Board of Directors, which includes;    Valentine’s Day      Easter       Memorial Day     Mother’s Day       Father’s Day Independence Day  Veterans’ Day    Thanksgiving     Christmas       Seasonal decorations must be removed within seven days after the holiday, or the property will be deemed abandoned and will be removed by authorized cemetery personnel.

  12. Damage to Cemetery – Any person who breaks or damages trees, shrubs, headstones, memorial or structures within the cemetery will be liable and will be subject to legal action by the Cemetery Association. 


The cemetery is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property, including artifacts, personal effects, etc., placed on internment spaces, lots or elsewhere in the cemetery.

Funeral Arrangements, Floral Pieces and Flower
April 1st through October 31st  Not Permitted during Mowing Season

Artificial flowers, artificial wreaths, etc., are not permitted during the normal period of lawn mowing season and grounds maintenance.  All artificial floral arrangements present during mowing season will be removed and discarded by cemetery personnel. 


November 1st through March 31st Permitted during Non-Mowing Season

Artificial floral arrangements are permitted, provided they do not become unsightly and are placed in approved metal vases on the headstone. The cemetery association assumes no responsibility for the care, preservation, or safekeeping of such artificial floral arrangements. 


Items may be removed each month prior to mowing and maintenance of the cemetery at the discretion of Adams Cemetery Association.  No calls will be made prior to removal of items.

  • No Glass Containers of any kind are allowed.


  • Funeral designs and floral pieces - These will be removed from the grave when they become wilted or unsightly. Persons desiring to retain funeral designs or floral pieces must remove them within 14 days after interment.


  • Artificial Flowers – Artificial flowers are not compatible with the theme of the cemetery where natural plantings are the basis of its park-like setting, and they pose a hazard to mowing equipment. Placement of artificial flowers are only permitted during certain months; these are only estimates and may differ with early spring season or late winter season.


  • Permanent Flower Vases – Permanent flower vases need to be placed in the granite base or the concrete around the headstone. All permanent flower vases must be installed by a professional stone installer, and such vases must be of substantial metal and of a design and size that meets the approval of the cemetery board of directors. The cemetery association will not be responsible for vases that are damaged or stolen from a grave.


  • Non-Permanent Vases – Non-permanent vases are not permitted; this also includes vase blocks. Non-permanent vases will be removed. Block vases installed by a professional prior to September 1, 2018, will remain unless damaged. Temporary flower vases are located in the tree grove.


  • Cremation Garden – Vases will only be allowed in the cremation garden if they are poured into the foundation of the headstone. Block vases installed by a professional prior to September 1, 2018, will remain unless damaged


  • Items on Headstones – Items placed on headstones may be removed if they pose a hazard to cemetery personnel, the public, or maintenance equipment.


Burial Requirements

All Burials Require an Interment Authorization to be completed and signed

and all fees to be paid prior to Burial.


Casket Burials – All casket burials at Adams Cemetery require the casket to be placed into a concrete grave liner outer burial container.  A variety of vaults, including metal, concrete, and Polyguard are also permitted. The cemetery or funeral home will help families with acquiring the proper outer burial container. 


Cremation Garden – Cremated remains are to be placed in a non-biodegradable container such as marbelite, brass, bronze, or Tribute vault. No wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, etc. is permitted unless placed into an outer burial container. The funeral home will help in acquiring the proper burial container.

Second Right to Interment

Adams Cemetery Association allows the second interment in the main cemetery. The fee and paperwork must be completed for the second right of interment. This excludes the cremation garden. Only one urn per lot is allowed in the cremation section of the cemetery.

The Burial of Cremated Remains

The burial of cremated remains can only be done by the funeral home, a representative of the funeral home, or a representative of Adams Cemetery. The burial of remains by family is strictly prohibited. 

Cemetery Lot Transfer

Adams Cemetery Association requires the transfer of all lots to be coordinated through the Cemetery.  Lots may be transferred to relatives or heirs by written submission and paying the Lot Transfer Fee.  If the person requesting the transfer is not the original purchase of the lot, they must prove the right to complete the transfer through legal records.


Adams Cemetery Association is not responsible for reseeding of any lot. If possible the sod should be removed before burial and then replaced after. Please remember that the Cemetery is not watered on a regular basis. 



  1. Memorial Rocks are NOT ALLOWED and will be removed by cemetery staff. 

  2. Memorial headstones in the Cremation Garden may have a 2” border on all sides, and the concrete pour must be a minimum of 5” thick.  Memorial headstones for standard casket lots may have a 4" border on all sides, with concrete pour being a minimum of 5" thick.  A vase can be placed in concrete on the top (east side) of headstone only, after burial placements are complete.

  3. Memorial headstones/markers are placed on the west side of the burial lot at the head of the grave.  Direction of engraving/inscription on stone can be discussed during time of ordering.

  4. Either flat or upright headstones are allowed in the main sections of the cemetery.

  5. Only Flat headstones are allowed in the cremation garden. No upright monuments permitted in this area.

  6. No rock or rock products are allowed on a border around memorial headstones, and rocks will not be allowed as a grave markers.

  7. Only one upright headstone/marker will be allowed per grave.

  8. If there is a second right to internment, the second marker is to be a flat headstone (No exception). Only 2 headstones/markers will be allowed per grave. If more than two headstones/markers are on a grave, the third will be removed and will be disposed of after three months if not claimed and removed by the owner.

  9. Temporary markers (including wooden crosses, rocks, etc.) are not permitted on graves, except if placed by the funeral home or cemetery caretaker. Temporary markers will be removed within 30 days of placement.

  10. Memorial markers or headstones that have been removed due to disinterment, relocation, or replacement will be destroyed and disposed within 30 days if not claimed and removed by the owner.

  11. Adams Cemetery Association assumes no obligation to repair or pay for repair of headstones that are damaged due to vandalism, age, or decay.

  12. Families may not place their own markers or headstones. Headstones must be installed by a professional.   Call Adams Cemetery for more information. 

  13. Any headstone that does not meet the Adams Cemetery requirements must be approved by Adams Cemetery Association prior to finalizing the order. Call Adams Cemetery for more information. 

  14. Adams Cemetery Association is not responsible for headstones or memorials that have been or will be purchased.

  15. Wooden Crosses will not be allowed in the cemetery. 

Headstone Size Requirements

Rules and Regulations

Headstone Info Snippit.jpg

Concrete Borders - Concrete borders may be used to place a headstone, but the cemetery does not require a concrete border.  Concrete doesn’t always weather well in the elements and may be extra maintenance costs long-term. All concrete maintenance is the responsibility of the family.

Outside Headstone Vendors - Outside vendors may be used for the purchase of headstones.  Verification of burial site and review of headstone proof must be submitted to prior to finalizing any headstone orders. A locating fee will be due to Adams Cemetery prior for locating and marking the burial lot for the stone to be set.


Revisions: May 1997, April 2003, June 2015, July 2018, June 2019, 2022, Sept 2023

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