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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who does the maintenance at the Cemetery?


Adams Cemetery Association volunteers along with a contractor are working to improve the appearance of the Cemetery grounds:

  1. General clean up around headstones. Please review the gravesite rules and regulations following this Q & A.

  2. Leveling headstones as possible.

  3. Mole, gopher and ground squirrel control.

  4. Removal of curbs to improve road access.


The association will be doing the above work to improve the look and the accessibility of the cemetery.  The association would like the public to understand that this work will be done by volunteers and may take some time to complete. We thank you for your patience and we encourage your support. Taking care of the cemetery is a partnership between the community, friends and relatives with gravesites and the association.

  • How does the cemetery association get its money to operate?


Adams Cemetery Association is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. The cemetery relies on the sale of gravesites.  Gravesite sales are down due to the increase of cremations. The only other source of income is donations. The cemetery relies on the generosity and help of volunteers. If you wish to donate, please view the Donate and Volunteer webpage for more information.

  • Why are items being removed from the grave of a loved?

Adams Cemetery has Rules and Regulations. These rules have been in place for many years and are in place for the safety of everyone that visits the cemetery.  For more information, visit the Rules and Regulation webpage.


  • What happens to the items removed from graves?


Items that have been removed from a gravesite are disposed of. The cemetery does not have the means to store items that are not permitted on gravesites. We understand that a death of a loved one is difficult, however we urge friends and families to keep personal items out of the cemetery.  For more information about what is permitted to be placed at a gravesite, visit the Rules and Regulation webpage.                                                                                                     

  • Why can we not have glass vases?

Glass vases and glass of any kind is not allowed for safety reasons. Broken Glass is a hazard for visitors and maintenance people.  For more information about what is permitted to be placed at a gravesite, visit the Rules and Regulation webpage.           

  • Why can we not have gravel or rocks around our headstones?

Gravel and rocks are hazards when mowing. Mower will throw rocks and that is dangerous to the public and to the volunteers taking care of the cemetery.  For more information about what type of memorials or headstones are permitted, visit the Rules and Regulation webpage.           

  • Why are candles not allowed?

Adams Cemetery wants to do everything it can to reduce the risk of wildfires.  Mature trees, tree farms and other agricultural farms, need protection. One spark or accident from a candle can start a wildfire resulting in damage and destruction.

  • The curbs have only been in for a few years, why are they being removed?

The curbs are being removed because Sanitary and Emergency vehicles (Fire and rescue) cannot maneuver between the curbs. The curbs also make lawn maintenance more difficult and more costly.

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