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How do I design and order a headstone?

If you are looking to purchase a headstone for a loved one who has recently passed, please reach out to Adams Cemetery.  The cemetery team are here to discuss design and color options, and help with getting a headstone ordered and coordinate the placement (installation) of the headstone.  

Headstones can be purchased as part of pre-need planning.  Maybe you are trying to get as much taken care of in your pre-need planning process as possible.  Ordering a headstone and having it set in place is an option.  All engraving can be completed at the time of ordering, except for the date of passing (final date).  This is a service that can coordinated through the cemetery for an additional fee down the road, with the engraving being completed on-site by an engraving company.

Contact Adams Cemetery

If you have recently lost someone you care about and are ready to move forward with the design and purchase of a headstone, you can reach out to Adams Cemetery.   We can walk you through the design process and help you evaluate your options.  We can email over some options for review to help navigate through this process.


Place your order for a headstone

Once you have made a decision on the design style, color, clip art images, and epitaph that may be on the headstone. share the information with us.  We will process the payment and get the order submitted.


Review design proof

Within approximately a week, a computer-generated proof will be emailed to you with the design and engraving you have selected.  You will be emailed a copy of this proof for your review.  You have an opportunity to reach out with any changes you would like to make to this design.  The headstone order is not approved for production until you acknowledge, sign and return the proof to Adams Cemetery.  


Headstone installation

Delivery of a headstone/marker generally takes anywhere from 2-3 months, up to several months, depending on the availability of the granite and other customizations that might be included on a headstone order.  Once the headstone has been set in place, Adams Cemetery team will call you to let you know it is complete.

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